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Classic, Euro and Exotic Specialists
(757) 363-8878
1372 Baker Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Abacus Machine and Automotive Services has been serving the tidewater region as the original and foremost high performance car shop for over thirty years. We specialize in British, Euro Spec, American Classic, and Modern Exotics.

"From my personal experience, no shop in Southeast Virginia comes close to doing the quality of work Abacus does - full machine shop, builds race engines, services English, German, and Italian automobiles. They've serviced my Jaguar and Porsche - the work performed was superb and the charges were quite reasonable. Certainly, in our area, I would say that an Abacus-built engine is as good as it gets."

Vintage, antique, and classics have their own shop and dedicated technician specialists at Abacus. We can help restore, refurbish, or repair your classic to original or custom specifications.
From classic British and German racers to modern Italian and specialty exotics market, Abacus machine has qualified technicians and part sourcing capabilties to maintain or repair high end automotives.
Modern exotics or luxury vehicles predominantly from the european market have the largest bay area and ASE certified employees capable of handling your vehicle with knowledgeable care.
High Performance & Quality Service Solutions

Abacus has a full range of service packages available from complete restorations, interior and exterior refurbishments, or any minor to major repair. Whatever you need, We're here to make it better. Call with any questions for more information on what Abacus can do for you!

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