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"Where the heart of every performance car is."



 The quality and care in the preparation of an engine is the difference between a smile or a wince. At Abacus, we dedicate ourselves in the preparation, care for, and performance of every engine that enters and leaves our Machine Shop. Abacus provides the service of turing a worn-out engine into a showroom-display runner like mile one.  Our engine technicians are flawless in all aspects of performance enhancements with years of expertise providing us a broad knowledged and experienced background. Our 30 years as a leading Machine Shop in the Region has equipped us with all the necessary means to successfully build, refurbish, or complete your next project from stock rebuilds to engine conversions.

Engine Block Operations

  • Cylinder Boring and Honing

  • Sleeve Installations (Including Darton and AEBS)

  • Main Bearing

  • Align Boring

  • Deck Surfacing

  • Cam Bearing

  • Freeze Plug Replacement

Crankshaft and Flywheel

  • Micro-Polishing

  • Magna-Flux Inspection

  • Flywheel surfacing and lightening

  • Balancing and Surfacing Treatments available

Engine Testing

  • Test and Tune Engine on our Stuska Model 800 Dyno

  • Map Fuel-Injection System

  • Tune Carbs

  • Tune Ignition Timing

  • Test Intake and Exhaust Manifolds

Cylinder Head Operations

  • Multi-angle Valve Seats

  • New Seats and Guides

  • Bowl Blending

  • Flow Bench Testing

  • Porting

  • Port Matching

  • Chamber cc'ing

  • Pressure testing 

  • Surfacing

Connecting Rods and Pistons

  • Recondition Rods

  • Fit New Bushings

  • Balance

  • Press on Pistons

  • Custom Piston Machine Work

  • File Fit Rings

Cleaning and Inspection

  • All Engine Parts Cleaned in Our Mart Jet Washer

  • Cast Iron Parts May be Tumbled in an Airless Shot Blaster.

  • Some Parts May be Bead Blasted in Our Manual Cabinet

  • Fully-Functional Inspection Equipment

Note: the above Machine Shop Operation's List is not an all-inclusive list, but highlights our most common operations, not the entirety of the Abacus Machine Shop Services.