Machine Shop

The heart of every performance vehicle is the engine. It’s that shove into the seat that makes us smile every time it happens. The quality and care in the preparation of that engine is the difference between a smile or a wince. Our engine shop is dedicated to achieving that “smile”.

Our fully equipped engine machine shop can literally take your worn-out engine and return it to as-new specifications. If you are interested in performance upgrades, no problem. Our engine techs are versed in all aspects of performance enhancements. Years of building performance engines has provided us with a broad knowledge base and the experience necessary to successfully assist you with your next project.

Whether your project is a stock rebuild, street performance or full performance engine for an old MG or Triumph, Ford 4.6 modular, Honda VTEC our Engine Shop can make you smile.  Listed below are some of the operations routinely performed in the Engine Shop. It is not an all inclusive list. The list is provided to illustrate the most common operations we perform.

Engine Block Operations:

  • Cylinder boring and honing, sleeve installation (including Darton and AEBS). Main bearing align boring, and deck surfacing. Cam bearing and freeze plug replacement.

Cylinder Head Operations:

  • Multi-angle valve seats, new seats and guides, bowl blending. Flow bench testing, porting, port matching, chamber cc’ing, pressure testing and surfacing.

Crankshaft and Flywheel:

  • Micro-polishing, Magna-flux inspection, knife-edging and detailing. Flywheel surfacing and lightening. Balancing and surface treatments are available.

Connecting Rods and Pistons:

  • Recondition rods fit new bushings, balance. Press on pistons. Custom piston machine work, file fit rings.

Engine Testing:

  • Test and tune engine on Stuska Model 800 engine dyno. Map fuel injection system. Tune carbs and ignition timing. Test intakes and exhaust manifolds.

Cleaning and Inspection:

All engine parts are cleaned in a Mart jet washer. Cast iron parts may be tumbled in an airless shot blaster. Some parts may be bead blasted in our manual cabinet. Our inspection equipment consists of simple dye-penetrant, Magnaflux and a pressure test bench.

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